Sunday, May 5, 2013

God’s Love We Deliver

God’s Love We Deliver is pleased and honored to partner with St. Columba. 

St. Columba opened their doors as a Neighborhood Meal Distribution Center for God’s Love We Deliver on March 7, 2012. Each week, on Wednesday and Friday, a dedicated individual and God’s Love volunteer picks up meals to deliver to God’s Love clients that live in the neighborhood of St. Columba. 

God’s Love is grateful for the many months that St. Columba has been a “NMDC” for God’s Love We Deliver. As we celebrate more than a year together, it should be noted that volunteers have delivered a total of 4211 meals to 12 individuals. That is 4066 meals to 10 God’s Love clients and 145 meals to 2 caregivers of these clients. We cannot do what we do without our volunteers and we are grateful to our volunteers and to St. Columba who work together to ensure that our clients and their caregivers are fed their delicious, nutritious meals we cook and deliver, day in and day out. For more information, please visit

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