Friday, October 2, 2020

Parish E-mail Account Breached


Please be advised that the parish
email account has been breached.

In the event that you receive or have received an email from the parish email address, please disregard it.

It may request that you send money or to make a telephone call.  Please do not take any action in regard to such an email. The new email address for the parish will be provided at a later date. 

If you should receive an e-mail stating that it is from  Saint Columba, please:
  • do not click on any links included in the message,
  • do not forward the message,
  • move the message to your SPAM/JUNK box
  • or delete the message from your inbox,
  • and delete the message from your trash bin
Our apologies for the inconvenience this issue might cause you. Please know that we are working to remedy the problem ASAP.