Friday, September 24, 2021

Installation of Rev. Fr. Pancrose Kalist as Pastor of the Parish of Guardian Angel-St. Columba - September 18, 2021

Dear Parish Family,

As a parish we are grateful to Most Rev. Edmund Whalen to offer the 4 pm Mass for us and install me as Pastor last Saturday. I am grateful to all of you for your love and kindness to me. In the past three months I have learned little bit of the long history of our churches and stories of some of you growing up in the parish. I admire your love and attachment to our parish.

When I became the Pastor of one of our parishes in 2007, I asked the parish custodian to give me a tour of all the buildings. He was glad to do it. As we entered the Church, he told me, “Father, any time I walked with the previous pastor and pointed out the roof leaks or ceiling peeling off, he would tell me, don’t look up. What is your policy?” I still remember that conversation vividly. As a pastor, it is not only the spiritual needs of the faithful we attend too. Without neglecting the spiritual care of the faithful, we need to take care of the buildings, bills and safeguard the resources. 

The other day, our custodian Mr. Miguel Muniz pointed out to me the side entrance wall of St. Columba church peeling off. I went up with him to the roof and couldn’t find anything wrong with the roof because it was redone twice. I called one of the roofers and when he looked at it, he pointed out the bottom portion of the wood that is holding the main stained-glass window rot and the rainwater going directly into it and seeping under the roof into the side wall. There are two other places we noticed debris fallen from the roof inside the Church. Guardian Angel school floods every time it rains. All our buildings need lot of care, and our resources are scarce. We believe in God. Let us pray to him fervently. He will provide for us. More than the buildings, let us pray that the COVID situation ends and all our families come back to worship the Lord in our churches, and we grow as a faith community. 

Thanks to all who donate to our parish. Last Sunday Collection $1941.00. The second collection this weekend is for St. Joseph’s Seminary. Please be generous. 

Prayers and Blessings,
Fr. Pancrose

September 26, 2021