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Celeb St. Columba School Alumni
  1. Before the Fonz, Edward Byrne Breitenberger  "Kookie, Kookie -- Lend Me Your Comb" made hair combs popular.
  2. In 1973, the color yellow was featured n the title of the worldwide hit by Michael Anthony Orlando Cassavitis aka Tony Orlando - "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree" recorded with Dawn.
  3. "Caryn (Elaine) Johnson was a nice Catholic School girl; she attended St. Columba few blocks from the Chelsea projects."  aka Whoopi Goldberg
Rev. Joseph C. Dispenza

During the 1970's Father Dispenza, a resident of St. Columba rectory at the time, was Chaplain for the New York Yankees and Mets. He also played himself in The Pride and the Princess; Kojak season 4, episode 11.

"Who loves ya baby!" Season 4, episode 11 of Kojak: The Pride and the Princess, features St. Columba Church throughout the story line. Released November 28, 1976.

Season 4 of Kojak is available on DVD at the New York Public Library. Click here to reserve a copy online & request delivery to your local library.

The DVD series can be purchased at and you can purchase this episode for unlimited viewing on your YouTube account for $1.99 via

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