Rev. Tomás Del Valle

Father Tomas Del Valle Reyes was born in Madrid, Spain, but has lived most of his life in USA and Caribbean Islands. 

Throughout his career, Father Tomas has taught at all levels, from vocational schools in the Dominican Republic to middle and high schools in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He continued as educator at various universities and institutions of higher education such as Sacred Heart University and the Pastoral Institute of the Archdiocese of San Juan (ISTEPA), being a founding member of the latter.

Father Tomas specialized in American History, Puerto Rican Anthropology and Evangelization, Introduction to Sacred Scripture, Moral Theology, Introduction to Religious Phenomenology, History of the Spanish Literature as well as conducting courses and seminars on communication.

In Puerto Rico, Father Del Valle served as Executive Director of WORO-FM Radio and was a member of the Board of Directors of the stations WKBM-AM81 & WORO-FM, where he also produced several radio programs. He also served as Communications Advisor to the Catholic Bishops Conference of Puerto Rico, participating in the editing of the communications manual "Communications, Mission and Challenge” in Bogotá in 1986, which was prepared by the CELAM (Latin American Episcopal Commission); as well as Executive Secretary of the Quincentennial Commission for the Evangelization of Puerto Rico.

In the United States, Father Del Valle was the editor of El Observador, a newspaper dedicated to serving the Hispanic community. He also served as director of communications of the Northeast Hispanic Catholic Center which provided pastoral services to 36 dioceses in the Northeast. 

He taught for several semesters at Essex County College in Newark and West Caldwell, NJ as well as in the Hispanic Pastoral Institute of the Archdiocese of New York.

He worked as a consultant for the organization "Council of Spaniard Residents in the United States". In an eight year period, Father Del Valle produced a radio program on the station RCN Radio, a sub-carrier of Colombia in New York City. He worked at the United Nations as a translator in the Division of Interpretation, Meetings and Publishing at the 2000-2001 General Assembly. He served for several years as President of ASHNY (Association of Hispanic Priests New York).

In October 2001, Father Tomas Del Valle founded, and is the president of, Discovering the 21st Century, Inc., a nonprofit organization (NGO) dedicated to serving the Hispanic community, mainly through social media.

He has produced and directed the radio program The Tertulia of the 21st Century which has been broadcasted on WKDM 1380AM, WPAT 930AM and WSNR 620AM. The Association of Entertainment Critics of New York, (ACE), has recognized this radio program as the Best Radio Talk Show in Spanish in 2007 and 2010  at which time the program was transmitted in real time worldwide over the Internet.

Since December 2013 the program is broadcast live and in real time on the Internet via WPAT 930AM and radio delay on AM81 Radio Paz in Puerto Rico, En Familia Radio 740AM in Phoenix, Arizona and Guadalupe Radio 87.7FM in Moreno, Los Angeles

Father Del Valle writes and sends a daily reflection to an average of 3,500 recipients over the Internet. He is a columnist for El Diario La Prensa, published in New York City and is the oldest Spanish-language daily in the United States. Father Del Valle’s columns are also published in the Catholic Hispanic newspapers “El Pregonero” of Washington, D.C. and “El Visitante Católico” of Puerto Rico.

Among his memberships are the Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada which awarded him with second prize for best opinion column in 2012, Union Catholique International du Press (PICU) and International Freelance Photographers Organization (IFPO).

From 2001 to 2011, Father Tomas Del Valle was a correspondent and delegate in United States of the Autonomic Radio Television Entity of Castilla La Mancha, a radio and TV network in Toledo, Spain, which broadcasts to the Iberian Peninsula. Father Del Valle produced and directed "La Tertulia Biblica" which was broadcasted by Radio Maria through its network covering Boston, Connecticut, New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Houston and Chicago. This program is also transmitted by Guadalupe Radio in Moreno, California, and on En Familia Radio AM740 in Phoenix, Arizona.

As a journalist, he has participated in the election of new cardinals at several Church consistories in Rome. He was also present in the Eternal City during the last moments of the life of John Paul II, for his funeral, the conclave that elected his successor, Benedict XVI, and the latter’s Mass of Inauguration.

As a writer, he specializes on religious topics and has participated in several papal trips, including the visits of Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI to Cuba, Syria, Israel and the United States while producing radio broadcasts of these trips for Puerto Rico of the trips made to Spain and Central America from the headquarters of the Catholic stations of Puerto Rico. 

As a specialist in religious themes writer has participated in several papal trips, both John Paul II and Benedict XVI, having visited Cuba, Syria, Israel and the United States, while producing those of Spain and Central America from the headquarters of Catholic broadcasters of Puerto Rico.

Father Del Valle knows the biblical world which he has visited approximately fifty times, making him one of the Hispanic Catholic priests who best knows the area. He has not missed an opportunity to tour the global village that the world has become. China is one of his favorite destinations, which he has visited over a dozen times.

He collaborates with the Department of Catholic Ministries at the American Bible Society by presenting a series of workshops and Bible courses designed for the Hispanic Catholic community in the United States.

Father Tomas has served as parochial vicar in the parishes of Sacred Heart, Holy Cross, the St. Patrick's Old Cathedral, St. Malachy, St. Jude and St. Columba all located in Manhattan, the latter being his current place of residence. He provides spiritual direction to the Religious of Mary Immaculate, who run the Centro Maria Residence in Manhattan. Father Del Valle regularly visits some of the prisons in New York, where he provides strength and comfort to the prisoners who are primarily Hispanic.

He published the book "Sabias que..." a manual of questions and answers on religious topics and is working on two additional publications. Father Del Valle is a regular commentator on religious issues, both in English and Spanish, on the television stations of Telemundo, NY1 Noticias and CNN. 

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